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Increasing sales website is a platform that connects service providers of Kosher vacations and customers looking for a Kosher vacation in Israel and around the world.

Why should you work with us?

Huge exposure to kosher Travelers website is promoted through quality content on social networks and Google, and is in the first places in the relevant search terms such as: “Kosher Vacations”, “Passover Programs”, Kosher Travel and more!!

  • A large percentage of those looking for a vacation and eat kosher food come to our website, you can be exposed to tens of thousands of customers every month in Israel and around the world!
  • An amazing community of thousands of customers who are looking for kosher vacations and signed up to receive updates on upcoming kosher vacations.
  • WhatsApp groups with hundreds of customers who are waiting for new kosher vacations to enter the site.
  • Hundreds of customers book kosher vacations in Israel and around the world every month, those customers are also waiting for the next kosher vacation through the website!
  • The site is international, the site is available in Hebrew as well as in English so that you can also be exposed to customers outside of Israel and Israel.

Pay only when a sell being made site works according to commissions, there is no need to pay the site if no sale was made and no money was made! Our goal is for you to earn as much as possible and as a result we will receive a commission.

The commission is between 12% – 17% of the total order, please contact us using the form below so that we can coordinate the relevant commission route according to your vacation/hotel.

How does the content goes live up to the website?

After speaking with the site representative, you will get access to the site and in a process of a few minutes you can upload your vacation to the site, the process is very simple and user-friendly and of course you have a representative available who can help you at any time.

If the content has changed on vacation, you can enter the system and change it without needing a representative of the site.



We are located in the 1st place in many Keywords, so you can be exposed to all the customers who are interested in your vacations


Customers who have already traveled with us, are registered in our WhatsApp group and newsletter, which will exposed your vacations!


Thousands of customers who are looking for kosher vacations are exposed to our website and will be exposed to your kosher vacations!

Saving advertising costs website is in the first places in the organic results on Google, in order to reach those results the costs are very high:

Advertising costs:

The cost of an organic and sponsored Google promoter in the market – 1000$ – 2000$
The cost of sponsored Google advertising – the average cost per click in the field of tourism is about 2.5$
In order to reach an audience of 10,000 customers, you will have to pay about 25,000$ a month at least before promotion and before testing and maintaining the site itself.

Salesperson costs:

An average sales person ranges from – 4,000$ – 9,000$ per month.
Without considering training time, layoffs, finding another salesperson, etc. website has very experienced salespeople and advertising people who save them this hard work including all the advertising costs saved for you!

On  you will receive the money from the customer directly to you! What you will have to do is give the customer good service and then everyone will be happy 🙂

For more information about the kosher vacations website>>


The payment is made in one of the following two options:

1. The service provider charges the customer and 7 days later transfers the commission to kosher vacations.
2. We will charge the client for the amount of the fee due to the site and the rest will be collected by the service provider from the client or the hotel at check-in/bank transfer/credit before arrival.

The commission varies between 12% – 17% depending on the type of vacation, training, 2% we give a discount to the customer from the price list of the service provider so we receive between 10% – 15% commission.

We save the service provider: advertising costs + salespeople, which are currently estimated at even more than 15% to generate an order, so the commission is very attractive compared to the market.

If the service you gave the customer was excellent, then you can enjoy more satisfied customers who will be able to bring you more satisfied customers and all this came from the website!

The money goes directly to you without talking to the customer.

My pricing does not allow me to pay such fees – what do we do?

Whether you work with us or not there are still marketing and sales costs that need to be taken into account when pricing a vacation.

If your pricing was correct then there is no reason why you cannot pay a commission of 10% – 15% + 2% discount to the customer.

Norwegian Epic

יחיאל נהרי

טיולי משפחות

בלו הול – ראס אבו גלום – שוק דהב

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

10:00 – נסיעה בג’יפים ל – בלו הול -שנורקל (אפשרות לצלילה בתוספת תשלום)

12:00 – שייט ל – ראס אבו גלום – צלילה ושנורקל.

14:00 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

16:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון

טיולי מבוגרים 

בלו הול – ראס אבו גלום

בלו הול – ראס אבו גלום – שוק דהב.

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

10:00 – נסיעה בג’יפים ל – בלו הול.

11:30 – שייט ל -ראס אבו גלום.

13:30 – סיור בשוק דהב.

14:30 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

16:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון


עין חודרה (חצרות המקראית), רכיבה על גמלים, ביקור בנעומיס (קברות התאווה).

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

10:00– חבירה עם הג’יפים ונסיעה ל – עין חודרה.

רחצה וביקור במקום.

13:30 – ארוחת צהרים.

14:30 – רכיבה על גמלים, וביקור בנעומיס.

16:30 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

18:00 – חזרה משוערת למלון.


מנזר סנטה קתרינה – תצפית על עין חודרה (חצרות המקראית) – חגר אל מכתוב ( סלע הכתובות) – נעומיס (קברות התאווה).

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

10:30 – מנזר סנטה קתרינה – סיור בכפר ואדי טלאח למרגלות המנזר.

13:00 – ארוחת צהרים .

14:30 – חבירה לג’יפים- תצפית על עין חודרה – חגר אל מכתוב.

16:00 – ביקור בנעומיס.

17:00 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

19:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון.


שארם א שייח

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

12:00 – מופע דולפינים.

14:30 – ארוחת  צהרים וזמן חופשי – מפרץ נעמה.

16:00 – נסיעה למתחם הסוהו.

18:00 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

21:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון.


08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

12:30 – סיור בשוק.

14:00 – ארוחת צהריים. 

14:45 – שייט בעקבות דגים ואלמוגים – מפרץ נעמה.

16:30 – סיור עירוני – אופירה הישנה,ראס אום סיד,דרך השלום ועוד.

17:00 – סיור בסוהו.

18:00 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

21:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון.


שייט לאי האלמוגים והפיורד.

08:30 – יציאה לשייט לאי האלמוגים – (אפשרות לשנירקול וצלילה בתוספת מחיר).

11:00 – המשך שייט לפיורד.

12:30 – חזרה למלון.


08:30 – יציאה לשייט לאי האלמוגים – (אפשרות לשנרקול וצלילה בתוספת מחיר).

11:00 – המשך שייט לפיורד.

12:30 – חזרה למלון. 

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