Passover Programs 2024

Passover Programs 2024

On this page you can easily book a Passover Program: Cyprus, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Greece, Romania, Sinai, Israel and More!!

** Passover Programs will be updated for 2024 later this year, So stay updated!

Passover Programs 2024

Pesach Program 2024 in Dubai with Gaya Tours

Join our Luxury Passover Program in Dubai With Gaya Tours!

One of Dubai’s most prestigious hotels which has welcomed our groups and delighted our guests spectacular facilities, world class service!

Passover Programs 2024

Passover Program 2023 in Agadir, Morocco

Kol Tuv events invites you to spend Pesach 2023 in Taghazout Bay, In the beauty of this region facing the ocean, with it’s huge beach, the white city hidden behind the dunes is Agadir.

Passover Programs 2024 – When is Passover 2024?

First Seder will be: Nights of April 22 and 23.
Passover Programs 2024

Passover Programs – what is a Passover Program?

Passover programs, also known as Pesach programs, are organized vacations and retreats that cater specifically to Jewish families and individuals during the Passover holiday. These programs are designed to provide a complete Passover experience, combining religious observance, kosher dining, and leisure activities in a resort-like setting.

Passover programs typically take place in hotels or resorts that are specially designated for the holiday.

They offer a range of amenities and services tailored to the needs of observant Jewish guests.

This includes strictly Kosher meals prepared under rabbinical supervision, synagogue services, and religious study sessions led by knowledgeable rabbis and scholars.

The programs often feature a variety of recreational activities and entertainment options suitable for all ages, such as live performances, guest speakers, sports facilities, and children’s programs. Some programs also organize excursions and tours to nearby attractions and historic sites.

Participating in a Passover program allows individuals and families to observe the traditions and rituals of Passover in a supportive and inclusive environment.

It provides an opportunity to connect with other Jewish individuals and families, engage in meaningful discussions and learning, and enjoy a relaxing and festive vacation.

Passover programs are offered in various locations around the world, and they can range from a few days to several weeks in duration. They are usually booked in advance, and many participants return to the same program year after year, forming a sense of community and continuity.

he programs often include the following elements:

  1. Kosher Dining: Passover programs offer strictly kosher meals prepared under rabbinical supervision. The food served adheres to the dietary laws and restrictions of Passover, such as the prohibition of chametz (leavened products). Special attention is given to the preparation and sourcing of kosher ingredients.
  2. Religious Observance: These programs provide a range of religious services and rituals, including daily prayer services, traditional Passover seders, and Torah study sessions. Knowledgeable rabbis and scholars are often invited to lead the services and provide educational programs related to Passover.
  3. Activities and Entertainment: Passover programs offer a variety of recreational activities and entertainment options suitable for individuals and families. These can include live performances, lectures, workshops, sports facilities, children’s programs, and organized excursions to local attractions.
  4. Community and Networking: Participants in Passover programs have the opportunity to connect with other Jewish individuals and families from diverse backgrounds. This sense of community fosters meaningful connections and allows for shared experiences and celebrations.
  5. Relaxation and Leisure: Passover programs often take place in scenic locations, providing participants with an opportunity to relax and enjoy their vacation. The venues may have amenities such as swimming pools, spas, fitness centers, and outdoor recreational spaces.

Passover Programs vary in duration, with options ranging from several days to the full length of the Passover holiday.

They are usually pre-booked, and participants can choose programs that suit their preferences in terms of location, size, religious observance level, and additional amenities.

Overall, Passover programs offer a convenient and inclusive way for Jewish individuals and families to celebrate the holiday while enjoying a vacation experience tailored to their needs and religious observance.

Passover Programs – How much do Passover programs cost?

The cost of Passover Programs can vary widely:

Lowest price per coupleHighest price per couple

depending on various factors such as the location, duration, level of luxury, program inclusions, and the number of participants. Prices can range from a few hundred dollars per person for more basic programs to several thousand dollars per person for high-end luxury programs.

Here are some factors that can influence the cost of Passover programs:

  1. Program Type: There is a range of Passover programs available, catering to different preferences and budgets. Luxury programs with high-end accommodations, gourmet kosher dining, and extensive amenities tend to be more expensive than more modest programs.
  2. Accommodations: The quality and type of accommodations provided can greatly impact the cost. Programs held at luxury resorts or hotels with higher ratings and additional amenities generally have higher price tags.
  3. Duration: The length of the program can affect the cost. Programs that span the entire Passover holiday, typically around eight days, will be more expensive than shorter programs.
  4. Inclusions: The extent of inclusions in the program package can vary. Some programs may include all meals, snacks, and drinks, while others may offer a more limited meal plan. Additional perks such as excursions, entertainment, or special amenities may also contribute to the overall cost.
  5. Destination: The location of the program can influence the cost. Programs held in popular tourist destinations or exotic locations may be more expensive than those in less sought-after areas.

It’s important to note that the cost is usually per person, and discounts may be available for children or groups. It’s advisable to review the details of each program, including what is included and any potential additional costs, to get a clear understanding of the overall expenses.

Passover Programs – In which countries are there Pesach Programs?

You can find Passover Programs in many countries in the world including Israel, Europe, the United States and Australia!
You can find the full list on

On you can not only find a Passover vacation, but also book on the website in an easy and convenient way!

Passover Programs – What can’t you eat during Passover?

During Passover, there are specific dietary restrictions for those who observe the holiday. The main restriction is related to leavened products, also known as chametz. Chametz refers to any food that contains leavening agents, causing it to rise, such as wheat, barley, rye, oats, and spelt that have come into contact with water and fermented for more than 18 minutes.

Here are some examples of foods that are forbidden during Passover:

Bread and leavened baked goods: This includes items like regular bread, cakes, cookies, pastries, and other leavened desserts.

Pasta and noodles made from regular wheat flour.

Most cereals and grain-based products containing chametz.

Beer and other fermented alcoholic beverages made from grains.

Foods made with certain ingredients like baking powder, yeast, or other leavening agents.

Instead, during Passover, special unleavened products called matzah are consumed. Matzah is a flat, cracker-like bread made from flour and water that has been prepared without leavening, and it serves as a symbolic reminder of the haste with which the Israelites left Egypt.

Additionally, many people also avoid kitniyot during Passover. Kitniyot refers to certain legumes and grains like rice, corn, beans, lentils, and soybeans. The custom of avoiding kitniyot varies among different Jewish communities, and some Jews do consume these products during Passover.

It’s important to note that the dietary restrictions during Passover are specific to those who observe the holiday’s religious laws and traditions. Not all Jews follow these rules, and practices may vary among different Jewish communities and individuals. If you are not sure about what you can or cannot eat during Passover, it’s best to consult with someone knowledgeable in Jewish dietary laws or a religious authority within the community.

To determine the exact cost, it is recommended to research specific Passover programs, contact the program organizers or travel agents, and inquire about their pricing and package details.

Kosher Passover Programs – should I go for a Pesach Program?

Kosher Passover Program is a great vacation for Passover.

Participants in these programs can enjoy not only gourmet kosher meals but also festive Seders (traditional Passover meals), religious services, entertainment, and excursions organized by the program hosts.

These programs are an excellent way for Jewish families and individuals to celebrate the holiday in a relaxing and festive environment while adhering to their dietary and religious requirements.

Passover vacations 

Passover vacations, also known as Passover getaways or Passover programs, are vacation packages designed for Jewish individuals and families to celebrate the Passover holiday in a kosher environment. These vacations typically take place in hotels, resorts, or cruise ships that offer kosher-for-Passover meals and a range of Passover-related activities and services.

During the Passover holiday, Jewish observant households refrain from consuming chametz (leavened bread) and instead eat matzah (unleavened bread). Passover vacations ensure that all the food served complies with kosher dietary laws and the specific requirements for Passover.

Participants in Passover vacations can enjoy various amenities and activities tailored for the holiday, such as:

  1. Kosher meals: Gourmet kosher-for-Passover meals prepared by professional chefs.
  2. Seders: Traditional Passover Seders conducted on the first two nights of the holiday.
  3. Religious services: On-site synagogues with prayer services led by qualified rabbis.
  4. Entertainment: Music, performances, and family-friendly activities.
  5. Excursions: Organized tours and trips to local attractions and sites of interest.
  6. Kids’ programs: Special activities and entertainment for children.

These Passover vacations offer an opportunity for Jewish individuals and families to observe the holiday’s traditions, while enjoying a relaxing and enjoyable vacation experience. It also provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and create lasting memories.

As with any vacation package, it’s essential to research and select the Passover vacation program that best suits your preferences, budget, and requirements. Various organizations and travel companies offer Passover vacations at different locations, so you can choose the one that aligns with your preferences and desired level of observance.

On website you can easily book a Passover Vacation & Passover Program!

Norwegian Epic

יחיאל נהרי

טיולי משפחות

בלו הול – ראס אבו גלום – שוק דהב

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

10:00 – נסיעה בג’יפים ל – בלו הול -שנורקל (אפשרות לצלילה בתוספת תשלום)

12:00 – שייט ל – ראס אבו גלום – צלילה ושנורקל.

14:00 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

16:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון

טיולי מבוגרים 

בלו הול – ראס אבו גלום

בלו הול – ראס אבו גלום – שוק דהב.

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

10:00 – נסיעה בג’יפים ל – בלו הול.

11:30 – שייט ל -ראס אבו גלום.

13:30 – סיור בשוק דהב.

14:30 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

16:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון


עין חודרה (חצרות המקראית), רכיבה על גמלים, ביקור בנעומיס (קברות התאווה).

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

10:00– חבירה עם הג’יפים ונסיעה ל – עין חודרה.

רחצה וביקור במקום.

13:30 – ארוחת צהרים.

14:30 – רכיבה על גמלים, וביקור בנעומיס.

16:30 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

18:00 – חזרה משוערת למלון.


מנזר סנטה קתרינה – תצפית על עין חודרה (חצרות המקראית) – חגר אל מכתוב ( סלע הכתובות) – נעומיס (קברות התאווה).

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

10:30 – מנזר סנטה קתרינה – סיור בכפר ואדי טלאח למרגלות המנזר.

13:00 – ארוחת צהרים .

14:30 – חבירה לג’יפים- תצפית על עין חודרה – חגר אל מכתוב.

16:00 – ביקור בנעומיס.

17:00 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

19:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון.


שארם א שייח

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

12:00 – מופע דולפינים.

14:30 – ארוחת  צהרים וזמן חופשי – מפרץ נעמה.

16:00 – נסיעה למתחם הסוהו.

18:00 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

21:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון.


08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

12:30 – סיור בשוק.

14:00 – ארוחת צהריים. 

14:45 – שייט בעקבות דגים ואלמוגים – מפרץ נעמה.

16:30 – סיור עירוני – אופירה הישנה,ראס אום סיד,דרך השלום ועוד.

17:00 – סיור בסוהו.

18:00 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

21:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון.


שייט לאי האלמוגים והפיורד.

08:30 – יציאה לשייט לאי האלמוגים – (אפשרות לשנירקול וצלילה בתוספת מחיר).

11:00 – המשך שייט לפיורד.

12:30 – חזרה למלון.


08:30 – יציאה לשייט לאי האלמוגים – (אפשרות לשנרקול וצלילה בתוספת מחיר).

11:00 – המשך שייט לפיורד.

12:30 – חזרה למלון. 

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