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Amazing Kosher Hotel In Cyprus

Caprice Kosher Spa Resort, the newest hotel in the most beautiful area of Cyprus – Latchi. We left no detail untouched in our quest to provide luxury accommodation which is the icing on the cake of your stay with us.


Pesach Program 2024 in Dubai with Gaya Tours

Join our Luxury Passover Program in Dubai With Gaya Tours!

One of Dubai’s most prestigious hotels which has welcomed our groups and delighted our guests spectacular facilities, world class service!

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Kosher Travel - Useful information for a kosher vacation

Kosher Vacations 2024

This part will deal with the importance of kosher vacations abroad. 

The section will provide an overview of exactly what a kosher vacation is, how it differs from other vacations and several of the advantages that accompany it.

Vacations are an excellent way of spending time with family and friends. But for certain people,
it isn’t always possible. 

For this reason, kosher vacations are becoming popular amongst Jewish people, who wish to enjoy a vacation, without worrying what they can eat and which ingredients were used in the food.
The word “kosher” is defined in regards to “food and drink that are compatible with the Jewish
dietary laws”. 

A kosher vacation is the kind of vacation in which the traveler stays at accommodations that have been approved by a rabbi, that meet the requirements of the  Jewish Halacha. 

These accommodations may include hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts or camping sites.

The list also includes cruises or other kinds of trips, that are not limited to one

Kosher Travel 2024 – The Difference Between Eating at Chabad and a Kosher Hotel

Chabad locations are spread out all over the world, and provide an excellent solution for travelers who are interested in eating kosher food at Chabad restaurants!
The main disadvantage of Chabad, is that it is not at your hotel, and if you are interested in eating at a 5-star hotel and being pampered in a hotel dining room with fine kosher dining, you can’t do this at Chabad. 

Therefore, it is advisable to search the kosher vacations website , thatoffer kosher food at the hotels. In this way, you will not have to leave the hotel and go to a Chabad restaurant.

Kosher Vacations 2024 – Do They Exist All Year, or Only During the Holidays?

A kosher vacation abroad is a vacation where the food and other products have been certified
as kosher. 

A Kosher vacation has many advantages.
A kosher vacation abroad, while in keeping with tradition and also dining on fine kosher food,
can often be a challenge. 

For the traditional people among us, finding places where you can eat kosher food abroad, can be very frustrating!
On the kosher vacations website, you can find kosher vacations all year round. Working with us

  • Kosher Hotels Abroad – All year round.
  • Passover Programs – During Passover
  •  Kosher Trips Abroad – Amazing trips with kosher food
  • Kosher Cruises – Worldwide kosher cruises
  •  Kosher Summer Vacations – Kosher vacations and hotels that are available during the summer

Kosher Vacations Abroad for Religious People – How Complex is it to Find Kosher Food Abroad?

Vacations abroad for religious people: It is no longer complex to find kosher food abroad! 

These kosher vacations are different than the rest of the vacations, because they revolve around adhering to the Jewish Halacha from every aspect – from food and drink to activities and apparel. 

Travelers who eat kosher food, can expect to find only food that has been approved to be consumed by Jewish people on their vacations, such as chicken soup and fruit salad. Last-Minute Kosher Vacations A last-minute kosher vacation is an excellent opportunity to explore the world and experience different cultures.

On a kosher vacation you can visit new places and experience unique experiences. 

You can explore new cultures, try new food and experience life from a different viewpoint.
Kosher vacations are becoming so popular, that there are many companies that specialize in them, such as: Tehila Tours, Gaya Tours, etc. ….

The significance of a kosher vacation abroad, is that all the food and drink on the trip must be kosher, which means that it must meet certain standards of kashruth supervisors and rabbis, in order to meet the kashrut that the trip provides.

Mehadrin Kosher Vacations Abroad – How Can You Fly and Eat Kosher Food?

A Mehadrin kosher vacation abroad can be found on the kosher vacations website. Almost
every traditional Jewish person encounters the issue of how to eat Mehadrin kosher food when
vacationing abroad.

Kosher vacations are the solution to exactly this problem! On our website you can find Mehadrin kosher vacations abroad to various amazing destinations, with elegant Kashruth andoutstanding hotels!

Are you looking for a unique and exciting experience on your next kosher vacation?

With amazing destinations, kosher hotels and trips that every destination has to offer, you can
enjoy an unforgettable experience. Whether you are traveling alone or with family, you can find a Mehadrin kosher vacation abroad to various amazing destinations!

So come and explore all that our kosher vacations website has to offer!

A Kosher Vacation with Kids – Can You Go Abroad with Kids and Each Kosher Food?

A kosher vacation abroad with kids is the perfect way to spend time enjoyably and calmly with the family, away from home.
With kosher restaurants, activities and attractions for kids of all ages, you can be sure that everyone will enjoy themselves.
Whether on a beach vacation or an adventure trip in the desert, everyone will have something to enjoy on a kosher vacation abroad with kids.

With various activities and attractions, you can create an unforgettable experience that the whole family will cherish forever. You can find plenty of amazing activities for your children, while maintaining fine kosher food.
With the help of the kosher vacation website, you can make sure that your families have an
unforgettable experience on their next kosher vacation abroad with kids.

About Kosher Vacations

The kosher vacations website was established for Jews who are looking to fly abroad and enjoy an amazing kosher vacation!

We advocate: uncompromising professionalism, close personal service, high standards

and most importantly! We really love what we do and therefore work from the heart.

Our emphasis as agents of kosher vacations is to make sure that the project does offer kosher food and the hotel is really of a high standard and of course there are amazing trips just for you.

Our tourism consultants knew how to match the most appropriate vacation for you, so when you are interested in a kosher vacation in the sand, the Kosher Vacations website is the website for you!

What our clients says

We pride ourselves on giving our guests the best experience, read what they say.

An amazing vacation in Herzliya, you are not responsible, you helped me a lot! The trips, the hotel is simply lovely!
We were with the family in Thailand and it was simply magical! Thanks to Nadav and the Kosher Vacations team for the successful project. We are waiting for the next vacation 🙂
I was in Dubai with Gaia Tours after consulting with my travel agent Nadav and it was simply lovely! He put together a kosher and magical vacation for me and my family! Thanks also to the amazing Gaia Torres !
נופש כשר | חופשות כשרות | חול כשר

Norwegian Epic

יחיאל נהרי

טיולי משפחות

בלו הול – ראס אבו גלום – שוק דהב

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

10:00 – נסיעה בג’יפים ל – בלו הול -שנורקל (אפשרות לצלילה בתוספת תשלום)

12:00 – שייט ל – ראס אבו גלום – צלילה ושנורקל.

14:00 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

16:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון

טיולי מבוגרים 

בלו הול – ראס אבו גלום

בלו הול – ראס אבו גלום – שוק דהב.

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

10:00 – נסיעה בג’יפים ל – בלו הול.

11:30 – שייט ל -ראס אבו גלום.

13:30 – סיור בשוק דהב.

14:30 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

16:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון


עין חודרה (חצרות המקראית), רכיבה על גמלים, ביקור בנעומיס (קברות התאווה).

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

10:00– חבירה עם הג’יפים ונסיעה ל – עין חודרה.

רחצה וביקור במקום.

13:30 – ארוחת צהרים.

14:30 – רכיבה על גמלים, וביקור בנעומיס.

16:30 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

18:00 – חזרה משוערת למלון.


מנזר סנטה קתרינה – תצפית על עין חודרה (חצרות המקראית) – חגר אל מכתוב ( סלע הכתובות) – נעומיס (קברות התאווה).

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

10:30 – מנזר סנטה קתרינה – סיור בכפר ואדי טלאח למרגלות המנזר.

13:00 – ארוחת צהרים .

14:30 – חבירה לג’יפים- תצפית על עין חודרה – חגר אל מכתוב.

16:00 – ביקור בנעומיס.

17:00 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

19:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון.


שארם א שייח

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

12:00 – מופע דולפינים.

14:30 – ארוחת  צהרים וזמן חופשי – מפרץ נעמה.

16:00 – נסיעה למתחם הסוהו.

18:00 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

21:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון.


08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

12:30 – סיור בשוק.

14:00 – ארוחת צהריים. 

14:45 – שייט בעקבות דגים ואלמוגים – מפרץ נעמה.

16:30 – סיור עירוני – אופירה הישנה,ראס אום סיד,דרך השלום ועוד.

17:00 – סיור בסוהו.

18:00 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

21:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון.


שייט לאי האלמוגים והפיורד.

08:30 – יציאה לשייט לאי האלמוגים – (אפשרות לשנירקול וצלילה בתוספת מחיר).

11:00 – המשך שייט לפיורד.

12:30 – חזרה למלון.


08:30 – יציאה לשייט לאי האלמוגים – (אפשרות לשנרקול וצלילה בתוספת מחיר).

11:00 – המשך שייט לפיורד.

12:30 – חזרה למלון. 

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