Luxury Passover Programs 2024 in Rhodes with Shainfeld

Shainfeld Tours, with more than 30 years of experience, spends every day thinking about how to innovate and improve each year.

Spend your Passover holiday with Shainfeld!

  • Kashrut: Glatt Kosher, No Gebrochts and No Kitniot. Under the supervision of Rabbi Moshe Nachshoni Shlita.
  • Destination: Rhodes, Greece
  • Hotel: Sheraton Rhodes 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Our expertise is reflected in the choice of luxury hotels, investment in gourmet meals by international chefs, performances by famous artists and trips with the best guides to the most beautiful places in the world. All of these combine with experience, quality and professionalism to make Shainfeld vacations a top-notch holiday.

This year, Shainfeld Passover takes you to the Sheraton Rhodes Resort in Greece for the best vacation!

Large and luxurious resort rated 5 ***** Deluxe Stars
Very close to the center of Rhodes, just 10 km from the airport
Private beach for hotel guests and 5 pools including heated pool and outdoor pool
Full board with gourmet meals from the best international chefs
Shainfeld Tours managers on-site throughout the Holiday
Performances by famous artists, lectures and activities for the whole family
Tour the beautiful sites with the best guides
Fascinating lecture by Channel 12 political analyst: Amit Segal
Special Guest Stars: Yishai Lapidot, Dudu Fisher & Nancy Brandes

In the Shainfeld tradition of hospitality, enjoy top-notch hospitality during the holiday, Kosher gourmet food for Passover (no gebrocht and no kitniot), full board, festive seder night, performances by top Jewish singer, family activities and the opportunity for fascinating tours in Greece.

The Shainfeld professional management team will be on site at the hotel to take care of you personally and ensure that you have a wonderful vacation. Our talented professionals, chefs and artisans are waiting for you this Pesach at one perfect destination – The Sheraton Rhodes.


The Sheraton Rhodes is one of the most elegant and prestigious hotels that we have to date. It is a large resort located on the seaside of Rhodes in an area full of luxurious hotels. The hotel is ideally located close to the city center of Rhodes (capital city) and only 10 km from the airport.

The hotel features hundreds of fully equipped rooms in the luxury standard of a Sheraton chain as well as luxurious suites. The rooms and suites have an open space design, luxurious and spacious and meticulously decorated. Most of them facing the ocean. Just choose the perfect accommodation for you. 5 beautiful swimming pools including heated indoor pool and outdoor kids pool, fancy synagogues, stunning lobby, huge dining rooms, Shainfeld tea room, gym, sauna and hot tub in the Spa Center (for a fee).

Kosher Food and SEDER

Finest Glatt Kosher Cuisine – Enjoy absolutely delicious Full board gourmet meals served with fine French wines and beverages. Shainfeld’s excellent chefs and confectioners will prepare large buffets of sumptuous meats, fish, soups, salads and delicious desserts including cakes, confectionery and delicacies.
Make sure you Don’t miss our famous rich Israeli breakfast.

During the holiday, enjoy full breakfast, lunch and dinner and on Shabbat and Holidays a magnificent Kiddush prepared by professional chefs from Shainfeld Tours who specialize in all types of cooking. There will be a tea room at the hotel serving free drinks and snacks during the day as well as kosher for Passover delicacies.Join and celebrate with the communal traditional Seder as well the gorgeous 2nd seder (Ashkenazi or Sephardi seder available) both are led by our rabbi & cantor.

You have the option to make your own private Seder in dedicated rooms upon request.

Activities and Entertainment

The Jewish programming includes Shiurim & Lectures including a fascinating lecture by Channel 12 political analyst Amit Segal.

The first two nights of Passover are very social and festive, a true celebration of Jewish Pesach tradition!

We have quite a few special guest stars this Pesach:
Yishai Lapidot – singer and composer & undisputed star of Jewish music.
Dudu Fisher – Famous cantor known for his successful career in Broadway.
Nancy Brandes – Israeli music and comedy star.

Enjoy performances by top artists as well as seminars, cultural evenings, fascinating lectures and other performances. There will be special activities during Chol Hamoed.

There will be a kids club and playground with babysitting option as well as special activities for children and teens and other surprises.

* There may be changes in performers

EXCURSIONS: The island of Rhodes is considered ideal for hiking, with everything nearby and accessible so that you can set out independently to see beautiful and diverse sites.

Among the places to visit are the old city of Rhodes, new city, Lindos known as White City, Seven Springs Valley, Butterfly Valley, Simi Island, Turkish Riviera, Jeep tours in the mountains and more.

Those interested in taking an organized tour accompanied by guides – will be able to pre-register at a hotel for NIS 1,250 (not including site entrance fees).

A team of professional tour guides will prepare amazing Passover excursions, explore Rhodes and Greece, tour the beautiful cities, charming sites, and sample local culture and beauty.

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Norwegian Epic

יחיאל נהרי

טיולי משפחות

בלו הול – ראס אבו גלום – שוק דהב

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

10:00 – נסיעה בג’יפים ל – בלו הול -שנורקל (אפשרות לצלילה בתוספת תשלום)

12:00 – שייט ל – ראס אבו גלום – צלילה ושנורקל.

14:00 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

16:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון

טיולי מבוגרים 

בלו הול – ראס אבו גלום

בלו הול – ראס אבו גלום – שוק דהב.

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

10:00 – נסיעה בג’יפים ל – בלו הול.

11:30 – שייט ל -ראס אבו גלום.

13:30 – סיור בשוק דהב.

14:30 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

16:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון


עין חודרה (חצרות המקראית), רכיבה על גמלים, ביקור בנעומיס (קברות התאווה).

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

10:00– חבירה עם הג’יפים ונסיעה ל – עין חודרה.

רחצה וביקור במקום.

13:30 – ארוחת צהרים.

14:30 – רכיבה על גמלים, וביקור בנעומיס.

16:30 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

18:00 – חזרה משוערת למלון.


מנזר סנטה קתרינה – תצפית על עין חודרה (חצרות המקראית) – חגר אל מכתוב ( סלע הכתובות) – נעומיס (קברות התאווה).

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

10:30 – מנזר סנטה קתרינה – סיור בכפר ואדי טלאח למרגלות המנזר.

13:00 – ארוחת צהרים .

14:30 – חבירה לג’יפים- תצפית על עין חודרה – חגר אל מכתוב.

16:00 – ביקור בנעומיס.

17:00 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

19:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון.


שארם א שייח

08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

12:00 – מופע דולפינים.

14:30 – ארוחת  צהרים וזמן חופשי – מפרץ נעמה.

16:00 – נסיעה למתחם הסוהו.

18:00 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

21:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון.


08:30 – יציאה מהמלון.

12:30 – סיור בשוק.

14:00 – ארוחת צהריים. 

14:45 – שייט בעקבות דגים ואלמוגים – מפרץ נעמה.

16:30 – סיור עירוני – אופירה הישנה,ראס אום סיד,דרך השלום ועוד.

17:00 – סיור בסוהו.

18:00 – יציאה חזרה למלון.

21:00 – הגעה משוערת למלון.


שייט לאי האלמוגים והפיורד.

08:30 – יציאה לשייט לאי האלמוגים – (אפשרות לשנירקול וצלילה בתוספת מחיר).

11:00 – המשך שייט לפיורד.

12:30 – חזרה למלון.


08:30 – יציאה לשייט לאי האלמוגים – (אפשרות לשנרקול וצלילה בתוספת מחיר).

11:00 – המשך שייט לפיורד.

12:30 – חזרה למלון. 

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